It’s no wonder that you don’t remember everything I tell you. We talk a lot, I understand that. Men can’t multitask, I get that. But sometimes, we just need you to recall that one conversation we had at 2am, on that cold Friday night 2 weeks ago about something- nothing in particular. Do you know how important that would make us feel? Sometimes everything needs to dropped, put aside and just listen, truly listen, even if we want to talk about nothing you have an interest in….it is apparently important to us, even if it is about the neighbor’s cat. Men, need to learn to read their women and their ques. We sometimes need to asked, if there is anything you can do for us. Yes, usually we will say, no. But just to be asked, makes us feel, for just that moment you put everything aside and cared about why we were feeling that way. Most of the time we just want to vent to someone, anyone who will listen and not necessarily someone who will recite back what we just rambled about. But someone who will acknowledge why we feel the way we do, just so we don’t feel ‘so’ crazy.


Week 8

I am so tired. Every ounce of energy I have is burned in trying to stay awake and get the things done that need to get done!

This is a lot harder than it was 14 years ago!

I swear I am showing LOL… I have gained 1 pound. I was told that the bump I am showing is normal – that our estrogen stores fat around our waistlines! Great just what I wanted to hear. It is interesting going from a flat tummy 2 months ago to now a little bulg 🙂 The jeans are getting tighter and I have had to go up a bra size.

Sleep and sweats are my best friends right now.

I am experiencing some nausea. There are triggers, and they are human smells. Not food, yet. I am craving sweets… they say that means I am carrying a girl. Only an ultrasound will confirm that.

My OB appointment is April 20. We will hear the heart beat at that time. Mel will come with me and is excited to meet the doctor and listen to our little one.

Bambino is bigger than a blueberry now and both hemispheres of the brain is developed. He has facial features, fingers, and toes.

My kidneys are working overtime and I am peeing for two now!

Only 4 more weeks of the 1st tri-mester left.

  1. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Cable television
  2. Savings $25.00 monthly
    Home phone
  3. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Soda pop
  4. Savings $150.00 monthly
    Eating out
  5. Savings $60.00 monthly
    Going to the movies frequently
  6. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Eating convenience foods
  7. Savings $300.00 montly
    Debt (purchasing beyond our means – including payment plans and layaways)
  8. Savings $20.00 montly
    Comfort  – installing a timed theromstat and turning it down 2 degrees
  9. Savings $10.00 montly
    Taking long showers
  10. Savings $10.00 montly
    Newspapers & magazines (we go to the library to read the magazines we would subscribed to)
  11. Savings $100.00 montly
    Extra helpings (packing them forleftovers instead)
  12. Savings $25.00 montly
    Alcohol (wasted calories and money)
  13. Savings $25.00 montly
    Lattes (need I say more)
  14. Earn $20.00 montly
    Clutter (sell/give extras – bless someone else)
  15. Savings unlimited
    Brand new items – purchase refurbished/used
  16. Savings $20.00
    Internet (we go to free wi-fi locations)

SAVINGS $1,065 a month! And we enjoy our cutbacks every day. Now we live within our means, I can stay home raise our children and enjoy the life of a being a mom!

So I had a mammogram scheduled for today and while showering prior to my appointment I was thinking I should take yet another pregnancy test, every other one has been negative, so I am sure this one won’t be any different right? WRONG… am of today I am officially 5 weeks pregnant. We are so shocked and excited. We wanted this to happen this year, but we were content if we weren’t successful. Talk about success. First month actually “trying” and BAM! (Thanks Emeril) God sure does have a sense of humor! But this is seriously what I was expecting…if I were to loose my job I knew a baby would follow. More to come I am sure!



This book I am reading, There’s A Business in Every Woman is really long and a lot of testimonials. I like how-to books. Give me the meat and potatoes. Tell me how to do and what way. That is what I am looking for when I have been reading recently. Other things seem to waste my time. But there are some snippets of information that I have gathered thus far.

A company doesn’t make money! It EARNS it!

It takes a lot more than mastering a one skill to succeed in business. What it takes:

  • PASSION – the fuel that ignites the fire in your belly.
  • ADAPTABILITY – adapt quickly to setbacks and turn them into business opportunities
  • VISION – ideas aren’t hard to come by… but translating them into viable enterprise is what matters. Put a plan together to execute that vision.
  • ENERGY – owning your own business takes more time than working full time for someone else. You need boundless energy and devotion to make it work.
  • STAMINA – energy will help you get your company up and running but stamina is what’s needed to keep it afloat without endurance you won’t make it!
  • RESOURCEFULNESS – success depends on drawing on all of your resources, including those you didn’t know you had. Money, training, friends, family, untapped contacts and long-forgotten skills,
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP – requires putting aside your pride and asking for help wherever you get it.

Seven-step plan for building a successful business that you can sell for millions.

1. Choose and focus on your core competencies

  • Build a rock-solid core business first
  • When your product is good make it better
  • Highlight awards and recognition

2. Build your company infrastructure

  • Develop senior and middle managers
  • Develop org chart
  • Write employee manual

3. Keep good financials

  • Earnings meet forecast
  • Aggressive cash flow management
  • Do five year projection
  • Obtain audited statement every two years.

4. Market your products

  • Develop strong name, logo and tag line
  • Utilize advertisement and promotional materials effectively
  • Convert marketing to sales
  • Keep clients loyal

5. Diversity

  • Your clients, products and services.

6. Plan for and manage growth

  • Track revenues and earnings diligently
  • Have crisis management plan in place

7. Understand value and organize your exit plan

  • Know what your company is worth
  • Learn how to sell it
  • Once your company has established a reputation for good work, you just need to maintain it

Being good at what you do requires more than coasting on existing skills

  • Get to know your industry
  • Understand what your customers want
  • Research what is happening/changing in your industry
  • Understand the competition
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Look for competition
  • Don’t let a customer force you into a product line/service that doesn’t make sense for your company


What on earth were we thinking?!?! A shoreline city in the middle of winter?

G & I decided to take a road trip this weekend, since she has off school Friday and Monday. We aren’t going to be staying overnight anywhere due to the economy, but we are going do an all day trip.

In planning this we were contemplating several desitinations, most revolving around shopping, museums or waterparks. If G had her way she would always choose the waterpark, regardless. She of course would like to travel to Traverse City and go to the Great Wolf Lodge at $350 a night. On a side note, it amazes me that ANYONE can go there in these economic times!

During our planning and listing of cities, G mentioned Alpena. We looked it up on the map and decided to travel along the Lake Huron shoreline to arrive there.

The morning started off just right with chocolate chip pancakes and no rush out the door. We took a longer route along the shoreline, just as planned. And it was beautiful… breathtaking. One thing that makes this route long is traveling through several towns along the way…. but it makes for fun shopping at niche boutiques and roadside picnics.

Once we arrive in Alpena, downtown, where I knew there would be cool shops and fun food, we asked questions, for example, where is the fun boutique shopping in this quaint little lakeside town located? The answer we got we were expecting…“you’re here!” Seriously this it… She mentioned that there were a handful of more stores in the downtown area, but was unsure of the hours because of the off-season. We headed to the Christian bookstore and her answer was Walmart! Where are we and how long did it take us to travel here!?!?!?

We made the best of the situation and walked through downtown and visited every store that was open. There were three clothing boutiques, one bookstore, a movie theatre, a coffee shop, a scrapbook store, a bar and an antique store…. with ugly baby dolls and cows with fuzzy utters.

We had a blast. I don’t know if I have ever laughed so much in my life. The people were stuffy, the temperature was perfect, the sun was shining and the entertainment was free. We enjoyed our afternoon in Alpena.

We decided to take a different route home, this time, heading  west across the state, which was hilly and all farm country.

The sun set and ended our adventure as we drove it right off the map, with the moon guiding us the remainder of the way home.

Today I completed a book! I know yah right?!? Anyway, this book was written by Andy Wibbels and it was pretty interesting. All about blogging… how-to, why-for, what-for and the ins and outs of it. So, this is what I gathered/learned from my readings today.

When blogging I need to share interests and challenges. I never know what connections I will make online. Blogging teaches you about yourself. Blog about everything. Flaunt your quirks, show personality and reveal passion. So here goes!