1. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Cable television
  2. Savings $25.00 monthly
    Home phone
  3. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Soda pop
  4. Savings $150.00 monthly
    Eating out
  5. Savings $60.00 monthly
    Going to the movies frequently
  6. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Eating convenience foods
  7. Savings $300.00 montly
    Debt (purchasing beyond our means – including payment plans and layaways)
  8. Savings $20.00 montly
    Comfort  – installing a timed theromstat and turning it down 2 degrees
  9. Savings $10.00 montly
    Taking long showers
  10. Savings $10.00 montly
    Newspapers & magazines (we go to the library to read the magazines we would subscribed to)
  11. Savings $100.00 montly
    Extra helpings (packing them forleftovers instead)
  12. Savings $25.00 montly
    Alcohol (wasted calories and money)
  13. Savings $25.00 montly
    Lattes (need I say more)
  14. Earn $20.00 montly
    Clutter (sell/give extras – bless someone else)
  15. Savings unlimited
    Brand new items – purchase refurbished/used
  16. Savings $20.00
    Internet (we go to free wi-fi locations)

SAVINGS $1,065 a month! And we enjoy our cutbacks every day. Now we live within our means, I can stay home raise our children and enjoy the life of a being a mom!