It’s no wonder that you don’t remember everything I tell you. We talk a lot, I understand that. Men can’t multitask, I get that. But sometimes, we just need you to recall that one conversation we had at 2am, on that cold Friday night 2 weeks ago about something- nothing in particular. Do you know how important that would make us feel? Sometimes everything needs to dropped, put aside and just listen, truly listen, even if we want to talk about nothing you have an interest in….it is apparently important to us, even if it is about the neighbor’s cat. Men, need to learn to read their women and their ques. We sometimes need to asked, if there is anything you can do for us. Yes, usually we will say, no. But just to be asked, makes us feel, for just that moment you put everything aside and cared about why we were feeling that way. Most of the time we just want to vent to someone, anyone who will listen and not necessarily someone who will recite back what we just rambled about. But someone who will acknowledge why we feel the way we do, just so we don’t feel ‘so’ crazy.