I am Mel’s girl… married the man of my dreams, January 24, 2009. I have a beautiful daughter who is enjoying the beginning of her teen years & a newborn baby boy. I am a stay at home mom. We live in Mid-Michigan in a home we purchased January 15, 2009. Mel & I hunt, fish and enjoy everything about the outdoors! We love to work/improve on our home and yard. The zoo contains a German short-haired pointer hunting dog, Cash and two cats, Neko & Polly. They are all mama’s boys! I listen to country music and love the theater, but would rather jam to the oldies station. I am hooked on facebook and am thankful for my internet. I love the color pink, but refuse to decorate with it. I hate doing housework and want to hire a maid. I love the smell of laundry, Bounce needs to be a fragrance of perfume. I will only drink diet sodas and prefer fountain over bottled. I am fascinated with bizarre facts but can’t remember any of them. I like to travel, preferably in a car. I wake up early, but like to stay up late. I love rum and was a pirate in a former life. I was adopted as a child and so thankful for the family I was blessed with. I drive a Dodge Stratus and really want a Jeep. Somedays I feel like a scarecrow with all of the surgeries I’ve had, but am thankful for medical technology. I have four tattoos and want more. I love butterflies and chase toads. I have two nephews that I love like they were my own.

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