1. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Cable television
  2. Savings $25.00 monthly
    Home phone
  3. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Soda pop
  4. Savings $150.00 monthly
    Eating out
  5. Savings $60.00 monthly
    Going to the movies frequently
  6. Savings $100.00 monthly
    Eating convenience foods
  7. Savings $300.00 montly
    Debt (purchasing beyond our means – including payment plans and layaways)
  8. Savings $20.00 montly
    Comfort  – installing a timed theromstat and turning it down 2 degrees
  9. Savings $10.00 montly
    Taking long showers
  10. Savings $10.00 montly
    Newspapers & magazines (we go to the library to read the magazines we would subscribed to)
  11. Savings $100.00 montly
    Extra helpings (packing them forleftovers instead)
  12. Savings $25.00 montly
    Alcohol (wasted calories and money)
  13. Savings $25.00 montly
    Lattes (need I say more)
  14. Earn $20.00 montly
    Clutter (sell/give extras – bless someone else)
  15. Savings unlimited
    Brand new items – purchase refurbished/used
  16. Savings $20.00
    Internet (we go to free wi-fi locations)

SAVINGS $1,065 a month! And we enjoy our cutbacks every day. Now we live within our means, I can stay home raise our children and enjoy the life of a being a mom!

So I had a mammogram scheduled for today and while showering prior to my appointment I was thinking I should take yet another pregnancy test, every other one has been negative, so I am sure this one won’t be any different right? WRONG… am of today I am officially 5 weeks pregnant. We are so shocked and excited. We wanted this to happen this year, but we were content if we weren’t successful. Talk about success. First month actually “trying” and BAM! (Thanks Emeril) God sure does have a sense of humor! But this is seriously what I was expecting…if I were to loose my job I knew a baby would follow. More to come I am sure!


Today we decided to cancel cable television and the internet in our home! What a change it will be. We are tired of wasting precious family time in front of it and would much rather be reading, playing games, working on the house, etc. An antenna was purchased and the four channels we get don’t amount to the worthy of it compared to cable. I will miss it, but I believe it will be worth it. Not to mention the $120 a month we will save!


I have catfish in my pond…. I am not sure how I really feel about this.
I wanted koi and other “colorful” fish…. they will now be fishfood for these bottom feeders!
While I think it is pretty neat that we have channel cats in our pond, it also odd… in a cool way.

Bonus! I guess I don’t have to splurg on minnows and other small fish for them to eat, since they dine on dog food… yes kibbles & bits will do!