Week 8

I am so tired. Every ounce of energy I have is burned in trying to stay awake and get the things done that need to get done!

This is a lot harder than it was 14 years ago!

I swear I am showing LOL… I have gained 1 pound. I was told that the bump I am showing is normal – that our estrogen stores fat around our waistlines! Great just what I wanted to hear. It is interesting going from a flat tummy 2 months ago to now a little bulg 🙂 The jeans are getting tighter and I have had to go up a bra size.

Sleep and sweats are my best friends right now.

I am experiencing some nausea. There are triggers, and they are human smells. Not food, yet. I am craving sweets… they say that means I am carrying a girl. Only an ultrasound will confirm that.

My OB appointment is April 20. We will hear the heart beat at that time. Mel will come with me and is excited to meet the doctor and listen to our little one.

Bambino is bigger than a blueberry now and both hemispheres of the brain is developed. He has facial features, fingers, and toes.

My kidneys are working overtime and I am peeing for two now!

Only 4 more weeks of the 1st tri-mester left.


The eggs are on the move, let’s pro-create!

So we have decided to try to have a baby…
So really we have decided not to use birth control. The rest is up to God!

Both of us would welcome a child, but can’t really say we want to “plan” for one. So we are leaving it in the hands of our almighty creator. If it is his desire to create a living being inside me, than so be it. He sure does have his work cut out for himself! But this is God we are talking about here, he can do anything! Remember nothing is impossible with God.

oh no what have I said… hurry honey grab the condoms!