What on earth were we thinking?!?! A shoreline city in the middle of winter?

G & I decided to take a road trip this weekend, since she has off school Friday and Monday. We aren’t going to be staying overnight anywhere due to the economy, but we are going do an all day trip.

In planning this we were contemplating several desitinations, most revolving around shopping, museums or waterparks. If G had her way she would always choose the waterpark, regardless. She of course would like to travel to Traverse City and go to the Great Wolf Lodge at $350 a night. On a side note, it amazes me that ANYONE can go there in these economic times!

During our planning and listing of cities, G mentioned Alpena. We looked it up on the map and decided to travel along the Lake Huron shoreline to arrive there.

The morning started off just right with chocolate chip pancakes and no rush out the door. We took a longer route along the shoreline, just as planned. And it was beautiful… breathtaking. One thing that makes this route long is traveling through several towns along the way…. but it makes for fun shopping at niche boutiques and roadside picnics.

Once we arrive in Alpena, downtown, where I knew there would be cool shops and fun food, we asked questions, for example, where is the fun boutique shopping in this quaint little lakeside town located? The answer we got we were expecting…“you’re here!” Seriously this it… She mentioned that there were a handful of more stores in the downtown area, but was unsure of the hours because of the off-season. We headed to the Christian bookstore and her answer was Walmart! Where are we and how long did it take us to travel here!?!?!?

We made the best of the situation and walked through downtown and visited every store that was open. There were three clothing boutiques, one bookstore, a movie theatre, a coffee shop, a scrapbook store, a bar and an antique store…. with ugly baby dolls and cows with fuzzy utters.

We had a blast. I don’t know if I have ever laughed so much in my life. The people were stuffy, the temperature was perfect, the sun was shining and the entertainment was free. We enjoyed our afternoon in Alpena.

We decided to take a different route home, this time, heading  west across the state, which was hilly and all farm country.

The sun set and ended our adventure as we drove it right off the map, with the moon guiding us the remainder of the way home.